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Welcome to Ingá Orthos

Inga ORTHOS Dental Clinic specializes in Smile Aesthetics and also provides you with all the treatments you need. We have a multidisciplinary team (specialists in every area of treatment) and approaches each case with a personalized plan using state of the art dental techniques. Our team consists of highly qualified professionals completely able to speak and understand English.

Our hours are Monday through Friday 8:30 to 6pm and Saturday 8:30 to 1:30pm.

It is located 1.2km from Niterói’s MAC (Museum of Contemporary Art) and 1km from Hotel H.

Scheduling through WhatsApp + 55 21 99810 5206


International patient care. Ingá Orthos has a team prepared to care for foreign patients. Ina, Russian, contacted us through international insurance with a dental emergency. She was on vacation and had toothache. It was attended by our team. It was necessary to perform a root canal treatment in a single session with a definitive restoration. Ina, now without pain, is already prepared to enjoy her vacation in Brazil. Thank you for your testimony, it was a joy to serve you.

Rua Dr Nilo Peçanha 133 - rooms 301 to 303 INGÁ NITERÓI
(21) 99810 5206 WhatsApp | (21) 3587 5905 | (21) 2712 5206

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